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Sweet Magma is a truly original take on hot sauce.  Regarded by many as fiercely spicy, but is really so much more.  Once that initial heat wave hits, you start to notice the underlying flavors from ginger, sweet peppers and onions.  Put Sweet Magma on anything you damn well please.  It's complex flavor will elevate any dish to a truly pleasurable experience.  


We've all tasted food so good that we just can't stop eating it.  And we can hardly explain why.  In Thai cuisine this is known as the YUM factor.  A food tastes truly spectacular when four key components are well balanced: Spice, Sweet, Sour, Salt.  This balance is what I strove for in Sweet Magma.  

SPICE: I choose the best hot peppers I can find for the season.  

SWEET: Blended together with sweet peppers and sweet onions helps to relieve the stinging heat.

SOUR: Some people look down their noses at hot sauces that use vinegar.  Balanced correctly however, vinegar gives a slight 'tang' sensation that stimulates the taste buds towards the back of the tongue.  It's not a pucker type of sour, but a balanced sour that helps to light up the entire pallet for a truly enjoyable experience.

SALT: Last but not least is salt.  Most people won't deny that salt is the truly universal flavor enhancer and no dish should be left without it.


About ME

My name is Brendan Burkett and I'm the creator of Sweet Magma.  I started growing pepper plants for fun about three years ago.  Pepper plants yield A LOT of peppers and I soon found myself with more than I knew what to do with.  I started making hot sauce and giving it out to friends and family.  And boy did they like it.  I've since rented out space in a commercial kitchen to reach more people and create a real product.  I'm an engineer by trade and I bring a meticulous attention to detail when I make my hot sauce.  I've cooked countless batches, always pursuing my idea of what a perfect hot sauce should be.  

Fun Fact: I'm an amateur photographer and do all my own photography.  Except for this picture of me which was taken by my friend Korey Morrison.