We've all tasted food so good that we just can't stop eating it.  And we can hardly explain why.  In Thai cuisine this is known as the YUM factor.  A food tastes truly spectacular when four key components are well balanced: Spice, Sweet, Sour, Salt.  This balance is what we strove for in Sweet Magma.  

SPICE: We choose the best possible hot peppers for the season.  

SWEET: Blended together with sweet peppers and sweet onions helps to relieve the stinging heat.

SOUR: Some people look down their noses at hot sauces that use vinegar.  Balanced correctly however, vinegar gives a slight 'tang' sensation that stimulates the taste buds towards the back of the tongue.  It's not a pucker type of sour, but a balanced sour that helps to light up the entire pallet for a truly enjoyable experience.

SALT: Last but not least is salt.  Most people won't deny that salt is the truly universal flavor enhancer and no dish should be left without it.